Kòktèl – A  view on the turmoil of men

Art can make you express whole range of emotions by bringing to light, emotions and thoughts we don’t often express. Sometimes, art comes with messages, that spark conversations and hopefully these conversations bring changes. Kòktèl (Cocktail in Haitian Creole) by Zarita Zevallos is just that, art that spark conversations on a sensitive matter that brings lots of emotions; the diversity of masculinity. Society always find a way to demonize everything that doesn’t fit its view without even trying to understand.

Don’t deny people the freedom of being their authentic self because they are different then you.

Society always had an unreal vision of humanity itself and imagined how depending of your gender, how your personality must be, how your body must be… A mold of the human being. Kòktèl is a blend of individuality and expressions, telling the story of emotions that men don’t express as they got trap in this unreal vision of the perfect male model that society created.

As a human, I never understand how society can reduce complex emotions and personality to a simple mold, shaping us as characters in video games. In video games like Dragon Age, you have a point system, ranging from 1 to 10 that define each character trait. While it’s true you can simulate human characters in games, in real life, human are more complex. We change and our emotions, state of mind and experiences, plays a big role on our we change over time.

As a man, until I learned more about life, I felt that “the perfect” man ideal was too much pressure. They make you believe that you have be strong and have a body like Thor;  smart and a ladies man like Tony Stark with the added sparkles of asshole sometimes; and finally, you should have a kind heart like hulk. Eventually, you will see that all these heroes have flaws, emotions and weakness.

As a black man, early in life, you are force to become a man, without the added emotions that makes you look weak. Emotions which by the way makes you human.

In a well balanced human masculinity and femininity are married together perfectly.
~ Sir Knight

Life is fill with duality and that’s what the Ying Yang symbol expresses (for me). In a human being, this duality expresses itself in the balance of our energy. We are a mix of masculine and feminine energy. Yet, we grow up believing the personality of a man fits this fix frame while it is as unique as the individual while the truth is we are allowed to express the full range of our emotions, and the deepness of our soul.

I cannot express in my own words what diversity of masculinity means for everyone. Therefore, I invite you to take a look at Zarita Zevallos new photography project and the words of men on this subject. Everyone is different. The hyper masculinity view of men stops us to be ourselves. We are all beautiful beings. Your authenticity is beautiful. Your authenticity is your magic. Be you, be all you.

After Petwo, Imperium and finally Kòktèl, I can’t wait to see what Zarita Zevallos has in store next.  Explore her work and let me know what your thought about Kòktèl.

Kòktèl by Zarita Zevallos