Not all misadventures are bad

When I started this adventure with Explorer Journey, it was about travel. I was travelling more and I wanted to share about my adventures but more importantly, what I learned while travelling. Quickly, I realized that travel wasn’t only about pretty places but more about (re)discovering yourself, understanding others and the world around you. Travel shapes you, inspires you and gives you new visions of life. Explorer Journey, became more about the adventure of life and what life teaches you. 

This year, I am stuck home.
Sometimes, life goes south and all your plans get F* up, but even though it has been a year of misadventures, when I take a look back, I feel that I learned so much. There is mostly something to learn from your experiences, wetter you consider it has good or bad. Since, I am home for this summer, let me share with you what I learned from travelling and from not travelling this year.

What I learned from my past travel

Be more open

Many new adventures start by being open to try new stuff or talk to new people. Everything new, starts by saying yes and being open to new possibilities and uncertainty. I am a bit shy and reserve but last two summers was part of the best summers. I said yes to new possibilities. There’s a whole world out there and adventures even in your local area.

Be more grateful

I was having this conversation once with a friend I met during my travel, about how we take some stuff for granted in life. I remember talking about access to water, how when I am outside the capital of Haiti, depending on where I go, I had walk to get my own water. For me, it was just an adventures since I was there for a couple of days and the views were breath-taking, but what about for the people living there. Access to water from home is a luxury. We do not realize it, but so many little things in our life, is a luxury to others. Be grateful for your life.

Follow the music

Yes, follow the music, literally. Unless you are living in some fairy tales where you may get kidnap by a flute player, I believe you should. Good music, means there is some fun in the area and some new adventures to come. Once, I was waiting for someone. She told me she was going to be late so I decided to walk and explore around. While, walking I heard some music and I follow it. I ended up in a Jamaican block party in Brooklyn. It was grooving. Sure, me being reserve and shy got in the way a little but It was fun.

Go with the flow

Things doesn’t go always as planned. Some stuff, happens for good reason and I try not to force things too much.

I remember, once I was stuck in an airport. My two-hour layover became 10. I missed my first flight because of the airport and immediately book another one who got canceled almost immediately because of bad weather. I could have been in that plane facing the bad weather, but I had 10 hours walking around the airport. Some nice lady gave me a free cupcake. I had good conversations and lots of laugh.


Travelling teach you how to rely on yourself more. You learn a lot about yourself and what you can do. It also forces you to surpass yourself, because sometimes, you only have yourself to depend on.

What I learned from not travelling this year

Learned to enjoy the simple things

People tend to complicate life a bit but sometimes, the simple things makes so much difference in life. Being outside, a walk, hearing the sound of nature or morning rituals, all are some of the little things that makes a big difference in your day. We don’t think of it, but lots of quality little moments often improve the overall quality of your life.

Live life as an experiment

There are so many things you want to try. Some you can’t do it now but some you actually can. You are passionate lots of stuff  and you uprobably have tons of Pinterest board about them, well why not try incorporating them in your daily life. Experiment everything. Try new things, give life to your passions.

Stop feeding your frustrations

We sometimes are unhappy by so many things in life. A lot can go wrong in life and you get frustrated. When you feed your frustration, you not only add so much unnecessarily stress and negativity into your life but also it makes you stop enjoying life. Life stops for no one. While you are sitting here angry, life is happening. Forgive, move on, live.

Importance of mental health

Sometimes, things go out controls and your plans, life goes south and you feel lost. This happened to me and it broke me. I got depressive for a while until I realize I was giving more time to my issues, but nothing at all to myself, my passions and my mental health. I was shutting down my feelings and working to get out of my situation. As a guy, society makes us believe that we always have to be strong. Sometimes, you can’t and need time to heal. Taking time for yourself is important. Take time to reflect on yourself, acknowledge what’s wrong in your life, but not dwell on them. Do what make you feel better, even if it means crying, as It’s part of the process of letting go. Take time for yourself and remember who you are. Give love to yourself.

Explore your city

There is so much gems hidden at plain sight. We look but we don’t see. Our culture of always been in a hurry makes us lose sight of the beauty around us. I always joke that when I came back home from my last vacation, I developed a super power. Now, I see the little pockets of beauty and art around me. Actually, I became more aware of my surroundings. There is life and beauty around you and you only can make the best of them if you only take the time to look.