A reflection on self, life and purpose
We are the heroes of this grand adventure, fueled by passion, guided by the heart.
Even heroes have moments of vulnerabilities and the way to move forward is the way of the heart.

I always thought the Batman dilemma was stupid until I started living it. Right now, part of my story involve me being a programmer and if you know me, I love tech and I love coding. Unfortunately, I live in a country who need programmers but doesn’t want them.  Since that doesn’t stop Batman from being Batman, I will not let it stop me from being me.

I love superhero movies and one thing they teach you is that when there is a will, there is a way.  I don’t know anyone who when they were a kid, didn’t want to be a hero. While we didn’t have any real superpower, we wanted to do good and for me, that’s a superpower itself. We grew up and lost ourselves in the process. And rather embracing the hero inside, we discarded it. We discarded ourselves for what society defines as reality.

As I learn more about life, I started to realize that I was still a hero. I was this character in a grand adventure and life itself was a collection of personal adventures interconnecting with one another. I became fascinated by the idea that everyone is living their own adventure and that we are the storytellers. From this idea, everything seems possible but scary. I realized that we grew up following steps from books and paths that didn’t necessarily fits us. There was no manual and I was lost. This is when I decided to look for myself.

Today, I explore the world around me while discovering myself, my passions and the paths they take me. Right now, it feels like a constant process of learning and unlearning. It’s a constant conflict with yourself on whether to listen to your heart or follow preconceived idea from society. I believe life hardships is how the universe forces you to level up and get you ready for what you want. Well, at least that’s the message I believe life is sending me right now.

I believe that somehow, we are all explorers. Searching and exploring life different paths but also searching ourselves in the process.  Sometimes, nothing makes sense, you feel lost and the universe finds new ways to test you. But frankly, what good story worth telling do you know, that didn’t involve the hero facing hardship?
I am here telling you to embrace your life with everything in it. It is part of your story, of becoming someone better. It is part of your legend.

I myself, I am facing so many things that I don’t know how to handle yet. You feel life kicks differently and harder when you were rising up fast, just to fall again. It shakes your confidence. I know how society says as a man, I have to be strong all the time but men have feelings too and can feel fragile and vulnerable. And right now, I feel vulnerable and lost.

Some of the things this situation has thought me is that

It is ok to

  • Feel vulnerable sometimes
  • Ask for help
  • Take time for yourself
  • Not being able to help everyone
  • Cry. It helps release so many negative emotions

Despite everything, I am hopeful and I know, as long there is room for growth, there will be room for hardship and I believe if there is place for growth, there will be always a way.  Remember why you have started, the excitements you had and how happy you were imagining and planning your goals. I think that’s how it feels when your heart and you are in sync. Right now, I am listening to my heart and I feel hopeful and see drawings of new paths.
Listen more to your heart, it knows you and what makes you happy.  Follow it and you will find new purposes.